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My company provides cost optimization to reduce our customer's spend while improving services.

We have been successfully helping local Government, non-profits, PFO's and businesses of all sizes lower their expenses in Canada for over 10 years. We provide a risk free review that has resulted in significant savings and technology improvements for 500+ businesses to date.

Our fees are self-funded out of the realized savings we can provide our clients.


We will document and capture your charges for every plan, feature, service, rate, fixed and variable costs. Basically every line item on your invoices.

We have information on all the best pricing in the marketplace. We will utilize our extensive pricing database and we may go out to market as well. Our firm has over 20+ years experience working with/for all the major Canadian Telco's.

→ Average customer cost reduction of 30% per year
→ 95% of the time, we can achieve these savings with no vendor changes
→ We are fully independent of all Telecom providers providing unbiased recommendations
→ Your staff can focus on your core business while we work with your vendors behind the scenes

No-risk, no obligation review of your Telecom costs

At the completion of our review, we will provide you a detailed savings report to document:

• All existing costs versus proposed costs
• Recommendations for savings
• Identification of billing errors and credit details
• Optimization of all plans tailored to your usage
• Details on service upgrades

All approved recommendations are shared for a period of time then all the savings accrue to you.
We will fully implement all savings with your vendors in 30-60 days.

Merchant Services

Many companies simply do not have the time or the understanding to review their Merchant Processing environment. Making sure the daily batch totals match the deposits, is often as far as the checks and balances can go.

High fees, various rate structures, rental equipment, duplication of services, PCI compliance penalties and long term contracts.



Customers Canada-wide

Our analysis will provide you with a detailed report outlining current costs and areas for improvements. You can then make an informed decision. No need to switch providers every few years with the hope for a little savings. We quarterback any approved changes. You can focus on your day to day operations.

We are specialists in reducing business expenses

Our service is fully provided on contingency. This means we are only paid if we can deliver you approved savings.

• If we cannot deliver savings, there is no charge
• If you decline what we recommend, there is no charge

IT Assessments

85% of employees are sending more emails due to remote working, increasing the risk of an email data breach. What would happen if:

• You suddenly lose access to your business databases?
• Confidential client information was leaked?
• Someone impersonated a staff member and emailed your vendors?

We can provide a free, non-intrusive IT assessment to review your entire network, data backup, software subscriptions, technology gaps, cyber security analysis and more. This service can be conducted remotely.

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